When I was growing up I spent a lot of time in the office of my dad’s auto shop garage at night. Which means I watched a lot of Pat & Vanna; Alex; and Sam, Diane, Rebecca, Carla, Norm, Cliff & Frazier. From a young age, I was in awe of the show Cheers (@cheersboston). I learned many life lessons from these characters and also figured that it would be pretty cool to show up in a place where people do know who you are.

Lately, I’ve been dealing with some dramatic people and I’ve come to the realization that being with people who know and/or care about you is way more fun than being with those that just bring you down.

As a single person, I don’t spend much time at home…I have some friends that I enjoy happy hour with after work on an at least weekly basis. When we discovered that @claimjumper had an amazing HH menu, we started going there more frequently. One afternoon I walked in and Christina, the resident bartender, asked if I wanted the same drink I had had the last time she was tending bar. As a patron to any establishment, that is a pretty cool feeling knowing that someone cares enough to remember you – or your drink (even if it may mean a bigger tip)!

I experienced another one of those neat uplifting moments this past weekend when I stopped at the #worldstallestthermometer in Baker, CA. I was “transporting” my nephew to #bigbear who has spent a lot of time waiting here for the notorious parent switch and this is where he wanted to stop to use the restroom. And because #auntiesara spoils her nephew, he got to buy a stuffed vulture that he has been eyeing for months probably.

iPhone (504)

Hanging out in Baker waiting for mom, 2011

World’s Tallest Thermometer Gift Shop, 2015

Long story short, we had to stop in Baker on the way back to #Vegas to buy another vulture.  The young lady who works in the thermometer gift shop said it was nice to see me again and asked me how my trip to Big Bear was. The fact that this woman took the time to care about my weekend made me just ecstatic to the point that I was more worried about talking about the weekend rather than finding out about her.

The selflessness of others makes the world a better place. Taking time to remember and acknowledge others is one thing each of us can do to better our own spheres of influence.

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