#CandyCrush Is Not My Life…Or Is It?

I’m just going to admit right away that I have an addictive personality.  One of those addictions is related to my competitive nature.

Sports…badges…fundraising…steps…#wordswithfriends…#DisneyEmoji…you name it, if it involves others, I’m going to make a competition out of it.

Lately (or maybe the last year and a half), brain sucking, mind numbing, time wasting @CandyCrushSaga and @CandyCrushSoda have been the biggest culprits of me not wanting to get anything done outside of work.  That’s right.  I sit at home on the couch, sit in the parking lot at the gym, and even out at dinner swapping those little candies til I run out of lives.  The Candy Kingdom is literally everywhere I go.  And when I run out of lives on my #iPhone, no worries because I generally have my #iPad right there.  And don’t think I don’t have those apps on my old phone(s) too.

This article explains the addiction pretty clearly. There are even funny memes all over @facebook regarding the severity of this addiction.

Google images for Candy Crush Rehabilitation…you’ll be amused by some of the clever ideas and quotes people have come up with.

It has gotten better of late. For the past month or so, I’ve made it a point to not wake up and immediately grab my phone to crush. Also, I’ve decided it’s not very good for me to switch from phone to tablet to old phone and then cycle over when the lives are recharged. #IHaveAProblem 🙂

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