COVID-19 Quarantine: What I’m Watching

Well the times they are a sucking right now.  Started out getting a few projects done around the house, but as we’ve hit week 6, I’m spending more of my time bingeing the worlds of Netflix, Disney+, Amazon and my DirecTV DVR with 5% storage remaining.

Here’s a run down of what I’ve been checking out:

Quarantine Week 1:

  • Netflix’s Tiger King – waited a few days as I was not really into the whole drama of going with the masses on this one, but the show surely provided much entertainment and lots of wild randomness – Carole EFN Baskin surely did feed that someone to the tigers (and may or may not have added sardine oil in the process)

Quarantine Week 2:

Quarantine Week 3:

  • Netflix’s Ozark – Bye, bye you know who!  And WTF is up with Wyatt & Darlene?  Not okay!
  • Oxygen Channel’s Cold Justice – Love Kelly and her crew! But damn how were some of those cases not solved originally?

Quarantine Weeks 4 & 5:

Quarantine Week 6:

  • Disney’s Frozen 2 – FINALLY!  Soundtrack is definitely not as good as the first one
  • Amazon’s Hunters – Really Al? Not the ending I expected for Season 1
  • CBS’s Blue Bloods – Tom.  That is all! Maybe Will Estes too.  [Was only 2 seasons behind before getting back on track]

Quarantine Week 7:

  • Hmm.  Not sure yet!

In the pipeline to watch: